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Welcome to Pharmacity Group

Pharmacity Group has 2 pharmacies in Cardiff City Centre, South Glamorgan;

Cardiff City Centre South Glamorgan
7-8 Clifton Street CF24 1PW Cardiff Royal Infirmary (CRI) Newport Road CF24 0SZ.

Both branches dispense NHS and private prescriptions and operate prescription collection and delivery services from surgeries across Cardiff. Our trained pharmacy team can provide advice on common ailments and healthier lifestyles. Our Pharmacists are accredited to supply NHS emergency contraception, Medicine Use Reviews (MURs), Discharge Medicines Service (DMRs) and Out of hours emergency supply is available at our 7-8 Clifton Street branch on Saturdays. .

We stock a wide range of products in store and have over 8000 items available for purchase on our website with big discounts and better prices than supermarkets and other online pharmacies.

We also offer pre-registration pharmacist placements. Please visit vacancies for more detail.


Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks 250ml

Palmers Cocoa Butt..

Palmers Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks comes in a conve..

Price: £ 4.29*
RRP: £ 5.10
YOU SAVE £ 0.81
Leukoplast Professional Elastic Plaster Strip 1m x 6cm

Leukoplast Profess..

Leukoplast elastic is a highly flexible and comfortable plaster. It is..

Price: £ 1.59*
RRP: £ 2.39
YOU SAVE £ 0.80
Oral-B Brush Head Refill Flexi Soft Precision Clean

Oral-B Brush Head ..

Fits all Oral-B rechargeable & battery toothbrushes with the exc..

Price: £ 8.49*
Cuprofen Tablets Pack of 96

Cuprofen Tablets P..

Cuprofen Maximum Strength contains the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory..

Price: £ 6.49*
RRP: £ 7.10
YOU SAVE £ 0.61
TheraPearl Neck Wrap

TheraPearl Neck Wr..

The Pearl Technology contained in every TheraPearl pack is innovation ..

Price: £ 11.59*
RRP: £ 15.99
YOU SAVE £ 4.40
L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Summer Glow Lotion Gradual Tan Medium 200ml

L'Oreal Sublime Br..

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Summer Glow, is a moisturising gradual tanning ..

Price: £ 3.99*
RRP: £ 6.99
YOU SAVE £ 3.00
Deep Heat Maximum Strength 35g

Deep Heat Maximum ..

DEEP HEAT Maximum Strength Cream - For Muscular Aches and Pains  ..

Price: £ 2.99*
RRP: £ 4.79
YOU SAVE £ 1.80
Nytol Herbal Simply Sleep & Calm Elixir 100ml

Nytol Herbal Simpl..

Nytol Herbal Simply Sleep & Calm Elixir is a traditional herbal me..

Price: £ 5.99*
Glucotabs Dextrose Tablets Raspberry Pack of 50

Glucotabs Dextrose..

Boost energy levels fast Sports Enthusiasts Fuel your energy for a q..

Price: £ 2.89*
RRP: £ 3.49
YOU SAVE £ 0.60
Junior Macare Babies Potty

Junior Macare Babi..

Price: £ 3.99*
RRP: £ 4.99
YOU SAVE £ 1.00
Portia Plastic Eye Shield

Portia Plastic Eye..

The Portia Eye Shield is ideal for protecting an injured eye from the ..

Price: £ 0.69*
Valupak Cod Liver Oil High Strength Capsules 550mg Pack of 30

Valupak Cod Liver ..

Cod liver oil is a popular supplement with older people, as it has b..

Price: £ 0.79*
RRP: £ 1.29
YOU SAVE £ 0.50
Drontal Puppy Oral Suspension 100ml

Drontal Puppy Oral..

Unweaned puppies are hardly ever infected with tapeworms, but they are..

Price: £ 18.49*
Perspi Rock 100% Natural Deodorant 60g

Perspi Rock 100% N..

Everyone sweats, we have between 3 and 4 million sweat glands covering..

Price: £ 3.49*
RRP: £ 4.50
YOU SAVE £ 1.01
Noise-x Earplugs Wax Cotton 6 Pairs

Noise-x Earplugs W..

Noise X Ear plugs are soft and smooth. It creates very little pressur..

Price: £ 2.25*
RRP: £ 2.79
YOU SAVE £ 0.54
Dermol Cream 500g

Dermol Cream 500g

Dermol Cream is an antimicrobial and emollient (softening and moisturi..

Price: £ 9.59*
RRP: £ 11.94
YOU SAVE £ 2.35
Vizulize Eye Wash & Bath 300ml

Vizulize Eye Wash ..

Vizulize Eye Wash soothes and refreshes red, tired eyes.  Su..

Price: £ 2.49*
RRP: £ 4.99
YOU SAVE £ 2.50
Buttercup Syrup Original 200ml

Buttercup Syrup Or..

**Suitable for 12 years of age and above** Buttercup Syrup gives rapi..

Price: £ 4.39*
RRP: £ 5.14
YOU SAVE £ 0.75
Nivea Lip Butter Blueberry Blush 19ml

Nivea Lip Butter B..

The new NIVEA Lip Butter range has a buttery balm formula which melts ..

Price: £ 1.95*
RRP: £ 2.25
YOU SAVE £ 0.30
SMA Pro First Powder 800g

SMA Pro First Powd..

Fat blend designed to more closely resemble that found in breast mil..

Price: £ 10.99*
Nicorette 2mg Chewing Gum Original Pack of 105

Nicorette 2mg Chew..

Nicorette Gum is a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). NRT products c..

Price: £ 9.59*
RRP: £ 16.08
YOU SAVE £ 6.49
Patterson Suitcase Ramp 1.8m/6ft

Patterson Suitcase..

The Advantage Series Suitcase Ramp with its single fold design offers ..

Price: £ 350.00*
RRP: £ 532.15
YOU SAVE £ 182.15
Bed Head Elasticate Strengthening Conditioner 750ml

Bed Head Elasticat..

Flex it. Stretch it. Pull it. Tug it. Take your hair strength to the n..

Price: £ 4.49*
Gillette Sensor 3 Disposable Razors Pack of 4

Gillette Sensor 3 ..

Series of soft, flexible microfins positioned in front of the blades..

Price: £ 4.25*
RRP: £ 4.38
YOU SAVE £ 0.13
Patterson Folding Commode Deluxe

Patterson Folding ..

This robust commode is made from epoxy-coated steel and folds easily f..

Price: £ 64.90*
RRP: £ 113.50
YOU SAVE £ 48.60
Patterson Wheelchair Swift Attendant 46cm Seat Width

Patterson Wheelcha..

Designed for indoor or outdoor occasional use: Lightweight aluminiu..

Price: £ 179.90*
RRP: £ 329.40
YOU SAVE £ 149.50
Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo 300ml

Aussie Miracle Shi..

Re-ignite your hair's shine, the special formula helps to revitalize t..

Price: £ 3.49*
RRP: £ 4.19
YOU SAVE £ 0.70
Magicool Plus Itchy Skin Spray 150ml

Magicool Plus Itch..

Magicool Plus Itchy Skin Spray is a safe, self-chilled Medical Device ..

Price: £ 7.39*
RRP: £ 8.49
YOU SAVE £ 1.10
HealthAid Geranium Essential Oil 10ml

HealthAid Geranium..


Price: £ 9.59*
RRP: £ 11.99
YOU SAVE £ 2.40
Yokebe Weight Management Shake Natural Honey Flavour & Shaker 500g

Yokebe Weight Mana..

Yokebe is a delicious natural shake, that helps you lose weight withou..

Price: £ 12.99*
RRP: £ 14.99
YOU SAVE £ 2.00
Lamisil Once Cutaneous Solution 4g

Lamisil Once Cutan..

Lamisil Once requires just one single application. It penetrates the s..

Price: £ 7.19*
RRP: £ 10.21
YOU SAVE £ 3.02
HealthAid Mandarin Essential Oil 10ml

HealthAid Mandarin..

What Is Mandarin Oil (Citrus nobilis) 10ml? Mandarin Oil (Citrus no..

Price: £ 5.29*
RRP: £ 6.99
YOU SAVE £ 1.70
Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Treatment Cream 100ml

Eucerin Dry Skin I..

Eucerin Intensive Cream contains 10% urea, which is found natural..

Price: £ 8.99*
RRP: £ 12.65
YOU SAVE £ 3.66
Carnation Advanced Pressure Relief Insoles

Carnation Advanced..

Carnation Advanced Pressure Relief Insoles are made from a material ..

Price: £ 3.79*
RRP: £ 4.99
YOU SAVE £ 1.20
Fastaid Plasters Waterproof Pack of 24

Fastaid Plasters W..

Bacterial Barrier - Keeps out water, dirt and germs. Hypoallerge..

Price: £ 1.19*
Lamberts Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 50mg Capsules Pack of 100

Lamberts Riboflavi..


Price: £ 6.79*
RRP: £ 7.95
YOU SAVE £ 1.16
HealthAid Sexovit Forte Tablets Pack of 30

HealthAid Sexovit ..


Price: £ 11.29*
RRP: £ 13.99
YOU SAVE £ 2.70
Nikwax Tech Wash & TX.Direct Wash-In 150ml x 2

Nikwax Tech Wash &..

Nikwax Tech Wash is a non-detergent cleaner that protects the water-re..

Price: £ 5.99*
Bristows Hairspray Ultra Hold 300ml

Bristows Hairspray..

Bristows Ultra Hold Hairspray 300ml for maximum style and control, pro..

Price: £ 1.09*
RRP: £ 1.83
YOU SAVE £ 0.74
Pregnacare Original Tablets Pack of 90

Pregnacare Origina..

The time after your baby's birth is incredibly important and deman..

Price: £ 11.49*
RRP: £ 13.23
YOU SAVE £ 1.74
Ladival Sun Protection Lotion SPF50+  200ml

Ladival Sun Protec..

All of the Ladival products have been formulated to contain as many in..

Price: £ 16.79*
RRP: £ 19.99
YOU SAVE £ 3.20
Pyramid Premium Wedge Mosquito Net Double

Pyramid Premium We..

Pyramid Protect have an unrivalled reputation for providing travellers..

Price: £ 18.49*
RRP: £ 23.29
YOU SAVE £ 4.80
Hands First Power Scrub+ & Moisturiser 225ml

Hands First Power ..

Hands First Power Scrub & Moisturiser removes ground-in dirt, wh..

Price: £ 4.29*
RRP: £ 6.12
YOU SAVE £ 1.83
Daktarin Gold Cream 15g

Daktarin Gold Crea..

Daktarin Gold Cream works in the outer layer of the skin. This enables..

Price: £ 4.29*
RRP: £ 6.13
YOU SAVE £ 1.84
Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose 19ml

Nivea Lip Butter R..

The new NIVEA Lip Butter range has a buttery balm formula which melts ..

Price: £ 1.49*
RRP: £ 2.25
YOU SAVE £ 0.76
Dove Indulging Cream Caring Bath Original 500ml

Dove Indulging Cre..

Dove Indulging Cream Caring Bath was created to give you a moment of r..

Price: £ 3.49*
RRP: £ 4.05
YOU SAVE £ 0.56
Always Infinity Long Pack of 11

Always Infinity Lo..

Always Infinity is a breakthrough in monthly protection. Unlike regula..

Price: £ 2.09*
RRP: £ 2.99
YOU SAVE £ 0.90
Kaltostat Alginate Cavity Wound Dressing 2g

Kaltostat Alginate..

Kaltostat Alginate Cavity Wound dressing is an alginate dressing indic..

Price: £ 5.69*
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Pharmacy and Prescriptions: 02920 494975

Shopping: 0300 3033380*


7-8 Clifton Street, Cardiff, South Glamorgan
CF24 1PW